Birth Services

Birth Services

Support for the supporting person is support for the birthing person. 

Doula Dad was created to enhance the childbirth experience by preparing the supporting person. We have found that the person giving birth would often prefer the comfort of a close companion or partner. Unfortunately, that person is often unprepared and too nervous to be the primary support. This problem now has a solution.  DoulaDad provides the education and hands-on experience needed for the supporter to confidently care for the birthing person.  

"Every birth could be safe and loving but our world is not there yet." - Robin Lim

Thanks to truths such as what is found in the quote above, DoulaDad was taken from an idea to a reality. My name is Zach Nunnally and I am the founder of DoulaDad, Husband, Father of three, Doula and Childbirth Educator. Birth has always intrigued me and guided me towards being a more gentle human. The way that a mother can deliver a child into the world with love and safety is spectacular. I just wish the world was ready for it and I'm here to help with that. 

"Inclusion elevates all."

-Elaine Hall

We make every effort to show inclusion with our words, actions and writing included in our materials and practices. We acknowledge and respect those who give birth while not identifying as women. We also recognize that there are many who give birth and do identify as women. In the name of inclusion we seek to create balance with our use of language presented in the materials we produce.

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