Whether you are a Dad, Partner, Companion or someone else Mom has chosen to share this exciting time with, your job of providing support is important.  Learn how to care for Mom with confidence as we discuss your involvement, answer questions and remind you of your ability to provide excellent support.

With connections in every state, we will match you with a Lactation Consultant closest to you so that you feel supported locally as you breastfeed your little one. We offer this at no charge and your consultant will offer you a discount as well.

-Coming February 2021-

Support for you before, during and after your labor from a trained and caring Doula who happens to also be a Dad. Click above for more information and pricing. 

These wonderful sessions will help you learn how to relax as you carry this practice into labor with peace and comfort. Each session is done virtually so that you can be in your own home relaxing however you wish. 

A monthly Breastfeeding Support Group meeting online from the comfort of your home. Led by Abigail Nunnally, a breastfeeding mom who loves to bake cookies. Join for breastfeeding tips and cookie recipes!